Women in Police Leadership: Their Role in Protecting Women’s Rights - 17 April 2021

IFUWA organised a Session on ‘The women in police leadership: their role in protecting women’s rights’ on April 17, 2021. IFUWA President Ranjana Banerjee in her welcome address mentioned that IFUWA aims to bring forth informative and significant programmes that would help members in many ways.

The knowledge about Police in Administration and Leadership is of vital importance in order to be aware of what women in distress can seek for from the police force. Retd IPS Officer Meeran Chadha Borwankar gave an informative and interesting talk on the challenges and discrimination faced by women and the measures they can adopt legally for their physical and mental security. She cited cases from her immense experience in the Police Force in a leadership position and urged members to write in newspapers / journals about the state of women in actual incidences to raise the level of awareness of the people and the government. She also stressed on the need to orient girls and women to opt for working in the police force as women are fewer in numbers and less visible in the profession.

MC Vineeta Hoon took some of the questions from members who were especially concerned to know more of what the Courts and the police can do to give protection and restore dignity of a woman in need.

The event came to a close with a Vote of Thanks by IFUWA Vice President Gomathy Venkateshwar who thanked Meeran Borwankar for her deliberations, the IFUWA President and her team for having organised the programme.