President's Message

Dear Sisters of the Indian Federation,

As I stand before you taking over the responsibility of this 100-year-old organisation, I thank each one of you for reposing your faith in me to lead this association over the next three years. I begin my journey by offering my respect and reverence to all the past presidents, senior members and other stalwarts and colleagues I have had the opportunity to work with in different capacities and from whom I have learnt much. It is my proud privilege to be an integral part of this association. My induction in IFUWA goes back to the Triennium of 2002 – 2005 when Dr Panna Akhani steered IFUWA, and Dr Shyamala Nair was the IFUWA Secretary. Dr Nair requested me to become the Minuting Secretary along with her at the CC Meetings. This was an unofficial post but gave me the scope of learning and understanding the nuances that govern IFUWA. After that, my days with IFUWA moved on Triennial after Triennial with the subsequent Presidents, and each tenure was a learning experience for me.

I have the pleasure to bring before you my visions for IFUWA for this Triennium


I consider Education and the Welfare of underprivileged children and women of our society a promise to be executed through plans and actions. My vision is supported by the mission of GWI, which has committed itself to working for women's dignified survival and economic independence through education and training for their self-worth and economic reliance. I trust the power of education and the role of graduate women as agents of social change that will help uplift the face of Indian society. IFUWA will encourage educated women to use their expertise and bring about effective changes with particular reference to girls' education, adult literacy and numeracy, access and advancement of women in public and professional endeavours.


IFUWA will look into every possibility of providing financial support to deserving candidates through scholarships and encouraging research in all academic and professional fields. IFUWA also plans to acknowledge the different women achievers for their commendable contributions to our society towards women's empowerment.


Believing firmly that members are the strength and pillars of an association, IFUWA will drive for membership growth in 4 respects as in -

  • At the individual UWA chapters level - my sincere appeal goes out to the UWAs to build up their membership and strengthen the local chapter
  • To revive any dwindling UWA and/or absorb their members to the closest UWA
  • To establish new UWAs in cities where we are still left, to open our accounts
  • To get independent members of IFUWA. Membership growth will be my focal area to further visibility of IFUWA and help this organisation to become vibrant and dynamic


This IFUWA will design goal-oriented do-able National Projects on education and empowerment of women, skill development for women's economic sustenance, promoting vocational efficiency comprising hands-on training, which contributes to improving women's status. This will be IFUWA's way forward strategy. To give visibility to IFUWA, we will also consider worthy projects coming from individual members who might seek to complete the same with government / international collaboration, which will benefit members of our society.

It is of great pleasure to note that members of varying ages have become Conveners and Committee Members of GWI, serving in different capacities. This has helped bring about innovative ideas to successfully implement UN SDG's whilst interacting globally and leading to country-specific solutions. I am confident the global and national knowledge will motivate members to come forward for the same.


IFUWA Website has been revamped to make it the face of the Indian Federation. It will reflect our glorious past, our visions for the future, the mission towards which we will work and represent activities coming from UWAs / IFUWA / GWI and other UN activities. Our FB will serve as an effective platform for display, interactions and fraternity building.

Nothing can be possible unless we succeed in achieving effective communication amongst individual members, between UWAs and between the local chapters and the HQs. Effective and quick communication resolves doubts, clarifies and makes functioning easier than sudden erratic communication. I request office bearers of the UWAs, to respond at the earliest to any communication received from the office bearers or the HQs.

Constitution Advisory

IFUWA will stand by the observance of Rules and Regulations governing our organisation. I believe that disciplined democratic functioning whilst respecting member's views and involvements take the organisation to heights. IFUWA will ensure that no action will go against the principles as given in our rule book. We will maintain consensual operations.


It gives me pleasure to announce that we have officially taken up the Headquarters of UWAsia. The Regional NFAs will come together and work towards common issues that affect us. IFUWA will form a team of office bearers both from the Indian Federation and with members from other Asian NFA’s. UWAsia Constitution will also be restructured for administrative purposes that will define and regulate our functioning. We hope to revive and bring UWAsia to life.


I am happy to have the IFUWA team of potential members who have had previous years of IFUWA experiences and are currently part of GWI. I am confident that their expertise and guidance will help me bring about fresh ideas for the benefit of all. This team endeavors to combine the experienced stalwarts of the yesteryears with the dynamic and bountiful new brigade to lend me support and confidence to build up a more progressive and forward-looking role for the association; I have the pleasure of introducing my Team -

Gomathy Venkateswar – Vice President; Shyamasree Sen – Coordinator International Relations; Sakuntala Ghosh Hazra – Secretary; Sreemoyee Ganguli – Treasurer; Sanghamitra Dutta Gupta – Jt Treasurer; Mita Mukherjee – Jt Secretary; Nandini Sonthalia – Convener Education; Dechamma Banerjee – Convener Membership; Malati Kalmadi – Convener Projects; Sheela Kulkarni – Convener Scholarship; Mythili Sundar – Constitution Advisory; Purobi Ghosh Mohan – Communications and Dr Meera Bondre - Officiating Convener for UWAsia

Ranjana Banerjee

Dr Ranjana Banerjee