International Relations

Graduate Women International and Indian Federation of University Women’s Association

Graduate Women International (GWI), based at Geneva, is the policy formulating body that plans and evolves policies, advocacy measures and events which are disseminated to the member National Federation of Associations (NFAs) across the globe. The NFAs then take up the policies, advocacy measures and events locally. The Indian Federation of University Women’s Association (IFUWA) decides to adopt those policies and advocacy measures that are suitable for India. IFUWA disseminates the chosen information like scholarships, projects, programs, etc., to its UWA members. GWI in turn features the IFUWA News and events in the GWI Updates.

GWI encourages IFUWA members to participate in CSW events as well. GWI also welcomes IFUWA members to be Members and Conveners of the Board and Committees.

Due to the active participation solicited by GWI from the NFAs, members of IFUWA are on the board of several Committees in GWI, who are elected at the GWI level.

President and Vice President of UWAsia have structured the UWAsia Constitution and logo.

IFUWA observes the UN designated days and GWI participation requests for a variety of rich academic endeavours.

Shyamashree Sen

Shyamashree Sen