How practising Yoga helps holistic rejuvenaton 06 March 2021

IFUWA held a programme on ‘How practising Yoga helps holistic rejuvenaton’ on March 06, 2021. Ms. Sarah Pamela John, President, UWA, Cochin and member of IFUWA Membership Sub-Committee commenced the programme with a welcome and a prayer to invoke the Lord's blessings with the sloka Asato Ma Sadgamaya.

President of IFUWA, Dr. Ranjana Banerjee in her address spoke about the significance of Yoga in our lives and the role it plays to promote physical and mental balance. She reiterated that yoga is a way of living practised from 2700 B.C.

Hansaji spoke about mental health and self-control; giving practical suggestions on relationships within the family, dealing with anger and frustration especially during the lockdown. She recommended Pranayama for sleep, dealing with thyroid, managing stress and losing excess weight. The session was made lively and interesting with her sharing real life stories and incidents that had taken place at her Institute. Members participated with a plethora of questions like how to take care of one’s mental and physical health and simultaneously be able to deal with emotional state of mind as well. Hansaji proposed yogic techniques by which women could manage various issues related to their day-to-day life.

It was an informative and inspiring session for all the participants. Most members were curious to know more about the 105 year old Yoga Institute in Mumbai, run by Dr Hansaji and her husband. Members were invited to a 7-day Camp at the Institute to learn more about Yoga and its benefits. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Ms. Gomathy Venkateshwar, Vice President, IFUWA.