IFUWA webinar on Gender Implications of National Education Policy, 2020 held on 30 Jan 2020

The objective of the webinar was to bring to light the different aspects of the National Education Policy, 2020 framed by the Government of India with a focus on the status of women and girls education in every stratum of society. Dr Ranjana Banerjee President IFUWA in her address reiterated the fact that education of girls is of prime necessity and must be made accessible to all women to build up an empowered society.

Dr Vibhuti Patel a gender specialist in conversation with Dr Mukta Karmrkar an educationist deliberated on the different aspects of NEP and explained with statistical data the disparity between the education of girls and boys and their deprivation from higher education owing to patriarchal impositions. She stressed that NEP to give importance to women and their enrollment in the STEM courses especially for the meritorious but marginalized girls.National Education Policy 2020 is facilitating the process of Indian educational institutions to be effective in the knowledge economy. NEP is concerned with social inclusion and promotion of diversity along with equity and gender sensitization. Gender responsive budgeting in the education sector that ensures funds, functions and functionaries is demand of the day. She confirmed that universalisation of education is the way to address multiple marginalities of caste, class, ethnicity, location and gender. Education is a fundamental necessity to generate a responsible citizenry in the 21st century globalised world.

MC Shevata Talwar expounded that The GWI advocates “Recover, Revitalise” education for the Covid19 generation as the Digital divide increased during this period. Distance-learning was a major solution towards equal and inclusive access to education. The national education policy 2020 believes in the realization of the self, development of values and creative potential of each individual, emphasising on traditional practices but with the scientific temper .

The formal vote of thanks was proposed by Vice President IFUWA Mrs Gomathy Venkateshwar Purobhi Ghosh Mohan, convener newsletter was thanked for the technical support towards the webinar .