More than 100 years in serving the cause of women empowerment

President's Message

Dear Sisters of the Indian Federation,

As I stand before you taking over the responsibility of this 100-year-old organisation, I thank each one of you for reposing your faith in me to lead this association over the next three years. I begin my journey by offering my respect and reverence to all the past presidents, senior members and other stalwarts and colleagues I have had the opportunity to work with in different capacities and from whom I have learnt much. It is my proud privilege to be an integral part of this association. My induction in IFUWA goes back to the Triennium of 2002 – 2005 when Dr Panna Akhani steered IFUWA, and Dr Shyamala Nair was the IFUWA Secretary. Dr Nair requested me to become the Minuting Secretary along with her at the CC Meetings. This was an unofficial post but gave me the scope of learning and understanding the nuances that govern IFUWA. After that, my days with IFUWA moved on Triennial after Triennial with the subsequent Presidents, and each tenure was a learning experience for me.


IFUWA provides women and girls with every opportunity to complete their higher education and pursue research to realize their innate potential to the maximum. IFUWA nurtures cooperation, networking, support and understanding through advocacy and endeavours to establish collaboration with likeminded associations that enhance women’s awareness of their rights.


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