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Mrs Merlyn A Vasudeo Monteiro

Association Representative

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Women Graduates Union (WGU) is a non-government organization (NGO), formed in 1915 with the initiative of the Association of British University Women in India. WGU is an association of educated, forward looking women that works towards the betterment of women and the upliftment of the society as a whole. It brings to fore the educated women’s perspective to social, educational, cultural and civic issues. It offers redress to many unique issues that impact women and their families.

One of the main functions of WGU is managing its Sir Purshotamdas Thakurdas Working Women’s Hostel which provides accommodation to more than hundred working women who come from outside of the city of Mumbai.

WGU offer Scholarships to support education of deserving girls who are graduate/post graduate students, for medical studies, primary teacher’s training, polytechnic courses as well as nurses training.

The Consumer and Civic Affairs Committee of WGU promotes a host of progressive social and civic causes that are relevant to the times. Additionally, the Committee works actively with environmental or eco-friendly issues. It also conducts workshops and seminars on citizens’ rights and responsibilities so as to increase public awareness.

Computer Center of WGU has moved a step ahead in contributing to the cause of computer literacy at affordable rates. The Center offers a plethora of courses to meet the needs of every age group and every level of competency.

WGU works to assist disturbed individuals at its Counselling and Guidance Centre that helps people cope with their work-life balance and their life situation better. The Centre is staffed with qualified and trained Social Worker and Counsellor who are adept at helping people overcome their mental and emotional stress levels and to face odds with courage and conviction.

The Study Centre of WGU, for municipal school students, was started three decades ago and is still going strong. It successfully hand holds many young children with their studies.

The Behramji Lalkaka Balwadi is dedicated to children in the age group of 3-5 years. It provides pre-school education to the children from impoverished families to allow them a decent nursery education. The Balwadi helps groom young children and enables them to enjoy a socially aware and happy childhood. It also provides them a good educational foundation.